Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Weigh in..........

UPDATE - I WILL GET TO WEIGH IN SHORTLY!!!!  They are heading back to the office - Don't mind the below - YAY!!!!!!!!!

Did not happen today - BOOOOOOO  Karen texted me that they had a minor emergency (something like some cows got out at their ranch) and asked if I can do it tomorrow.  Bad, bad cows! HA!

So, tomorrow - it is.  Sigh, I was ALL psyched up and got all of my friends psyched up.  I promise, one way or another, it WILL happen tomorrow.  So keep posted.

Meanwhile - Thanks to those have donated.  I'm very blessed.  Hopefully I'll have enough to get my Belviq in 1 week and I'll share the excess with another Belviq user online who has already taken the 14 day trial and is currently on it as well.  I want to make sure that users are legit and that they are dedicated!

Feel free to donate!  Happy Tuesday.  Tomorrow will be the big day!!!!