Thursday, July 18, 2013

The day before and the 30 day script

Well, tomorrow is the day!!!  The day I will do my official 1 month weigh in!  I am so excited and nervous at the same time.  So in true Ellie style, it will be recorded!!!!! I am so excited!!!!

What I want to do is have a little fun.  Please comment below and let me know what you think the TOTAL weight loss is.  (Remember, at 2.5 I was at 13 pounds).  Some aren't able to post for some weird reason, If you can't, go to my face book page to reply to my recent post!!

Tuesday I officially started with kickstarter60.  It's a virtual dietician that gives you menus, and get this - prepares your shopping list.  I already have the first weeks menus.  I plan to go through it Saturday and go grocery shopping.  I'll have to make minor tweaks because I do not like fish and I HATE oatmeal with a  passion.  The smell gags me.  The menus are loaded with a ton of other things.  It's just a foundation to help me get in the right mind set in terms of good nutrients.  Go check out the site.  It's beyond affordable.  It's about a buck a day for 60 days.  They have a free trial.  I am blessed to have family who stepped up and helped me get the program!!!!

I will get my full 30 day refill of Belviq on Friday.  For the first time I can get then entire 30 days vs. a week at a time.  I have the $75 dollar off coupon (WHICH HELPS) and I got enough in donations to help with the difference but about $10 bucks.  It's awesome and I THANK EVERYONE who helped contribute and support me and my goals to a healthier lifestyle.

I am in process of filing an appeal with BCBS-TX for coverage of Belviq.  The Eisai website gave instructions on how to do it.  HOPEFULLY I will be able to get the exception and get it approved!!!  I am a loud person (you all probably noticed already I am vocal) and I will not stop.  Not just for me, but for everyone else who can find hope in Belviq!!!

Tune in tomorrow for another great weigh in episode!!!!