Monday, July 1, 2013

Sunday was my "off" day

I everyone,  Sunday was my day off from blogging.  Instead, I spent the day creating my facebook fan page Belviq Daily Personal.  This page is about me taking Belviq Daily and my person quest to lose weight by eating right.  I will post pictures of things I ate during the day.  Please stop by and like my page.  Every 100 likes the page gets, I will pick a random name of someone to give me an workout idea to try in the gym.  I will video my attempt and whether I passed or failed at it.  So, please go like and you could be the one to inflict pain! ha!!/BelviqDailyPersonal?fref=ts

I never realized what I was getting in to with my blog.  It all came about on Twitter.  Follow me @ewenker and you can go back and read for yourself.  Overwhelming and exciting at the same time.  MAYBE, just maybe I can get a sponsor to help cover the cost of Belviq.  It's really expensive and my insurance does not cover it.  Fingers crossed..........ANY TAKERS?????

Today, my mom would be 71 years old.  She passed away 3 years ago from bladder cancer.  It was then when I began my way to the biggest I have ever been.  I do alot of emotional eating.  Today, normally, would be no different.  The difference with today is, I couldn't force myself to eat with Belviq so it is preventing me from going on a binge.  I am very thankful!!

I want to thank everyone for following my progress.  I am determined, more than ever, to make this work!!!  I now have way too many eyes on me, and I would be embarrassed to fail!!!!!  So, keep them coming ya'll!!!!!!!!

More later.........