Friday, July 19, 2013

RESULTS ARE IN! 1 month weigh in!

Here it is, the 1 month (4 complete weeks) weigh in on Belviq.  Go back to the 1 week weigh in blog post, can't you see a difference??

Anyway, here it is - drum roll please.................

A little disappointed.  I was hoping for a full 20.  BUT (LOL) Belviq makes me a hair constipated (OMG Did I just say that???) and so, well, let's just say, I think maybe it might have been 20 hahaha!!!  TMI!!!

Anyway - the still image - OMG horrible but I was leaning back.  Geeze, I look like a gorilla!!!

Anyway, shout out to Tammy at Dr. Mann's office who always does the video for me!!  SHE ROCKS!!  And of course to Karen.  Love both of you bunches!!!!