Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Non Belviq related struggle today

What happens when you eat realy really fast on a tummy that's used to getting very little at a time?  Let me put it this way without being too graphic.  Remember when I said that I feel like those that had the lap band surgery where I feel full really fast.  They are not really able to eat fast either and they have to avoid certain foods to prevent them from being sick.  One of my co-workers can not eat lettuce who had the band done a year ago.  Too much lettuce makes her ill.

I typically don't eat a lot of lettuce either - I like a salad with all of the fresh vegetables minus the lettuce, although I will eat it occassionally.  Today we had a new employee start.  One of the fun things about my job is getting to take new employees to lunch.  Where I work, there's not a lot of choices in restaruants and we had two others join us, so we needed to go somewhere quick.  We chose.....Olive Garden.  Wait, don't start bashing at me yet about eating there.  I chose to eat the salad only.  No bread, no pasta, nothing than the salad.  But we were in a hurry and we had to kind of eat fast.  Needless to say, just like a person with the lap band, it didn't settle - AT ALL. 

I'm letting the tummy settle down a bit and then I will try some grapes maybe.  Oy!  I told you guys I feel like I had that surgery without the pain and money involved.

On a brighter note, FRIDAY will mark 4 weeks since I started Belviq.  Be on the lookout for my video of my 1 month weigh in!!  Also, tomorrow night I meet up with my friend Pam, who took that picture that helped change my life.  We are doing a re-do in the exact same spot!!!!!!  I can't wait - so look for that one either tomorrow or Thursday.

On a side note - I need a personal trainer.  The cost of Belviq is preventing me from obtaining one.  If you are in the Houston area or if you know anyone in the Houston area who would be willing to help a girl out with personal training in exchange with free advertisement on my blog by either posting or letting me post about our journey with pictures and the contact information, please send me an email to ellie.wenker@gmail.com  I DESPERATELY need help with this new challenge!!