Friday, July 5, 2013

FB challenge ...... I DID IT!

So, as mentioned, ever 100 likes on my facebook page then I will randomly draw one name and they can choose a 20 minute workout for me to try.  Unfortunately, I took video in pieces with my cell phone and my photo shop is not recognizing the file - grrrrrrrrrr  I'll keep trying to put it together to post.

Anyway, Theresa Gibbs Schrock's challenge was for me to do the treadmill at 3.0 speed and an incline at 2.00.  Now, my normal is about 2.5 and 0 incline.  I have to say, it was tough.  I know many will say, "ah, that's easy!"  But, it wasn't easy for me.  You have to remember I am someone who is extremely overweight with little to no fitness activity.  So, it was brutal.  I got down to the last 5 minutes and I did not think I was going to make it.  I almost quit.  Being competitive, I couldn't fail my first challenge.  My back started cramping, but I pushed through.  I'll never be so glad to see the last 10 seconds come and go!

Today, I made a trip to the store (BORING) right after the workout.  My body was tired ha!  After that, one of my besties called and invited me over to layout and grill and watch a movie.  I ate 2 chicken legs (shhhh - the most I've eaten in a while) but it was sooo good.  I also had a vinaigrette coleslaw salad.  So, considering my calorie intake already for the day (very little), I figured I could afford an extra chicken leg!  :) 

I as excited because I put on a maxi dress that was really tight through the tummy last year and this year it fit nice.  One of my long time friends I grew up with, Terah Cobb Aultman, actually gave me her own little challenge, she bought this cute white sequined Michael Kohrs dress before she lost all her weight, which is still MANY sizes smaller than where I am now ha!  It has never been worn, still has the tags on.  She posted a picture on my facebook and said basically if I can get in it at some point, it's mine.  OH YEAH BABY!  I love me some MK!

Over all a good day.  I accomplished my challenge and ended the day with the bestie.  I am now home, getting ready for another full day tomorrow.

I will try to get this video posted.  Next time, I will use my video camera vs. the cell phone!! 

THANKS THERESA for participating.

Now everyone - Get me to 200 likes and another one of you will get to pick!!!!!