Wednesday, July 31, 2013

EISAI ROCKS - I think we found a provider

I just heard from my local Eisai Rep.  She's going to be calling me tonight to give me some information on providers in the Houston area that prescribe Belviq.  So that will soon solve my issue as well as another local person hopefully.  EISAI ROCKS!!!!!!!!  And so does Leighann!!!!

We're still waiting to hear from the Miami are rep - I think they actually already have the physician contact information and they are just trying to get a visit it. 

These Eisai reps are EXTREMLY busy trying to get the word out to these physicians.  I appreciate everything they do for everyone.

I'm doing my 6 week weigh in Friday.  Are you excited????????  I'm NERVOUS.  I "HOPE" for 2 things:  1, I hope to break under the 270 mark.  If I do that, it will be the first time in over 5 years since I was under 270.  and 2, I hope to have lost at least 25 pounds total.  Why?  It's the 1/2 mark of my short term 50 lb goal.  It will mean SO much to do that.

I made a deal with those that I went to high school with.  Our 25 year reunion is this year.  Now, if you haven't already read my story, you will see here at that my years in junior high and high school were very painful.  I didn't go to any other reunion.  But, I told the girls planning the reunion that if I lost 50 pounds by October, I would go.  CRAZY?  Why yes!  But I can do it because I still have 2.5 months to get it done and I KNOW I can do it.  Let's do the math, if I lose 2 pounds a week, its literally 12 weeks from now.  That's 24 pounds.  So, it can be done in a very healthy manner.    PLUS, one of the girls on the planning committee, Ashley (Dill) Martin, was the homecoming queen - a very beautiful person inside and out.  We have gotten to know each other more over that year or so.  I told her that if I come, I WANT A CROWN!!!!!  Let's see if it happens.  I'll of course get that on video hahaha
PS - THANKS SPENCER OSBORNE for writing a wonderful article and his side kick Demian Russian for getting it formatted, etc and up on