Saturday, July 27, 2013

Belviq won't let you cheat - much!!

So last night was going to be my first official major cheat day since starting Belviq.  Epic failure!  I had a couple drinks and me and the bestie decided to go eat a late late dinner.  By the time my food made it to my table, I couldn't even eat.  I was like, blech!  YAY!!!  ha!

I haven't had ANY appetite today!   I've had somewhat of an emotional day.  Without going in to details, usually when I have the exact kind of day like today, I BINGE eat like crazy.  Belviq effected me the complete opposite! 

I believe the article about my story will be published early next week.  I will let you know when I find out and of course, post the link so you can read it!!!  It's well worth the read!!

Also, Friday will be my 2 week weigh in!  Are you ready??????? Sooooo excited.

This will be short as I am emotionally exhausted.  Tomorrow is my blogging day off.  See you all on Monday!!