Monday, July 15, 2013

Beginning my 4th week - still no side effects

So on Friday marks the completion of 4 weeks on Belviq.  In true "Ellie Wenker" style, I will be doing my weigh in and recording it of course.  I am excited about this weigh in!  So be on the look out for it.

I got a little frustrated this weekend and almost deleted my blog with all the drama, but I chose to just get over it and move on.  I have to remind everyone, I am in this for ME.  I want to lose weight for myself.

Someone had offered to collect towards a goal met of 50 pound which would be a reward.  This first 50 pounds will be an absolute milestone.  Someone else suggested that the motivation takes away from Belviq and too much focus on the reward.  That really hurt because it was describing me as money motivated.  I will get to my 50 pound loss regardless.  I felt rob of a victory and that was the sole reason I wanted to delete my blog.  The person offering it was just trying to encourage me.   So, we pulled the reward off the table because I was not about to allow people who do not know me to steal my thunder. 

I saw where someone else said something like "She'll never be the face of Bevliq, get a start like Jenny McCartney to take Belviq".  Well, that person isn't very smart because Jenny M does not meat the criteria.  And 2nd I'm not trying to be the face of Belviq.  I am trying to get my story out there so others can be motivated as well.  If They call and ask, I'd probably say yes just to get my story out there and help other, not for fame".

Enough of that drama!  So far I am doing very well with Belviq.  I still have no side effects.  I've gotten the nutrition routine down and other than tat one day with muscle cramps, I am still doing great!!  In fact, all my labs are PERFECT so I just continue to carry on.

Tomorrow I register with a virtual dietician Kickstarter60.  I am really really excited to explore more options.  Check her out at .

I want to thank everyone that has been encouraging me.  It's really meant a lot, especially with all that negative talk about my journey out there.  I took a risk and knew that would happen, I just expected more slams on my weigh vs. on the financial side. 

Thanks everyone!