Monday, July 22, 2013

A few Belviq patients....

Hello Everyone, I decided to today a vacation day from work. I have a few things I had to take care of and I couldn't get them done on a weekend and my calendar was really pretty light, I figured this was the perfect day to do it. Now I am just chilling. 

I wanted to introduce you to a few Belviq patients that has friended me on Facebook.  For now, I will only share their first name until I get formal permission to use other data.  I want you to follow them through me as I will hopefully keep posting about their progresses as well.

Meet Amy,
Amy is from Illinois and she just finished her 15 day trial yesterday.  She reports that she has lost 11 pounds during the trial and seems to be pretty pumped up!!  That is so great and seems to be in alignment with my weight loss during my trial period around about 2 pounds.  She just picked up here 30 day script and, with the coupon, had to pay $155 because her insurance is not covering yet.  She isn't letting that be an obstacle, but she has expressed that she would like her physician write in to see about getting an exception aka an appeal. 

Meet Cecelia
Cecelia is from the great state of Colorado.  I LOVE Colorado and I have met so many from that wonderful state.  That just says, she's wonderful right?  She just finished day 4 on Belviq and is diabetic.  On day 4, she reported her daily blood sugar result was a 97, which she has not seen that low since she became diabetic.  I think that is really really awesome.  She seems to be really excited.

These are just two of the many people I have friended online taking Belviq.  There will be more to come.  I will do check ins so you can read about their progress as well!!!!

That's it for today - it's a vacation day for me so I am going to do something productive to not waste the day!! 

I would like to end this with a quote from Santos who is on day 12 with Belviq:  "Remember, the fork is not a shovel" LOL  I LOVE IT