Thursday, July 25, 2013

A big Ooooooops

I forgot to post yesterday.  Yesterday was a very busy day at work and then I went to dinner with a friend.  I TOTALLY forgot about you guys - ooooops sorry.

Anyway, yesterday I sort of cheated, but Belviq would not let me cheat much.  For Dinner, I ordered a salad with steak and my friend ordered a 1/2 order of a blooming onion as an appetizer.  Now, if you don't know Outback Steakhouse and what a Blooming onion is, it's an onion creatively sliced (but not separated) and coated in a batter and deep fried.  You tear off pieces and dip in a sauce.  We ordered the smaller size - which is called pedals, and it is all separated because it's not a full onion.  That was my cheat.  HA!  But with Belviq, I wasn't able to eat much at all.  So, I got to taste a little "fun" fried food but not gorge myself.

As fun as that was, it was WAY to rich for me.  I had a very ugly tummy all night!!  My tummy said, "Hey, that's a no go".  So, I probably won't do that again.  I like that though because it is reminding me that I want good foods. 

This goes to say that Belviq is not for those who do not intend to have a complete lifestyle change in the way they eat.  For some, that little amount probably wouldn't have hurt, but because I have been so committed and not cheated even once since starting, my body is completely against all of that "ugly" food.  Yes, it went from fun food to ugly food really fast HA!

Tomorrow night is our company's happy hour.  I do not intend on drinking at all.  I am sure that if my tummy can't handle a little fried food, that it will balk at the fact of having alcohol ha!  I don't plan on staying long at all!!!

Anyway, Happy Thursday!


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