Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of july tease...

Happy Independence Day everyone!!!

So, today I put on a top that was really tight around the arms before.  It was a hair snug, but WEARABLE!  It was not near as tight.  SOOO excited.

I then, just out of curiosity, stepped on the scale at home.  Now, I think my scale is off (OVER) a hair form the scales at the doctors.  I won't tell you what my home scaled said, but let's just say, I think I am going to officially be labeled as a "responder".  What is a responder?  You have to lose around 12 to 15 pound in 12 weeks.  Remember, week 1 was 8 pounds.  I am 2 weeks in tomorrow and it looks promising....VERY VERY promising!  Holy Cheetos!  Wait, I need to come up with a healthy saying and can the Cheetos!  HOLY CELERY STICKS!!!!

I have chosen to weigh in at my doctors office every 2 weeks.  Friday it won't happen because Karen won't be there and I am on VACA!  So, I will see about getting in Monday/Tuesday to do my weigh in.  Originally it was going to be Friday, but I can't wait.  I will then compare it to the scale I have at home so I can do it here!!!!!!!!

ARE YOU READY?????????? I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!