Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2 week weigh in

I just got back from my 2 week weigh in.  

 A few things to note to my disadvantage:

1.  My dr. thinks I am retaining water so I am starting a diuretic (I agree that I am!)
2.  My first weigh in was at 7:30am.  I weighed in at lunch time and it's documented that my weight fluctuates (a little more) as the day progresses.
3.  Although not a "disadvantage", I am working out every day and building muscle now.  So, even though I lose weight in fat, I may gain some of that back in muscle.  That is ok with me.

I tell myself to not get hung up on the numbers.  What matter is that my clothes are fitting SO MUCH BETTER!!!

Ok, so are you ready for the numbers?  Have I set you up for a let down........lets see!

YAY!!!!!!!  I am so happy with those numbers considering the disadvantages I had.  I was shooting for 12 and I beat it by 1!  Hyped!!!

I think this makes me an official responder???  I hope!  2 weeks in and 13 pounds down!  Totally excited!

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