Friday, July 26, 2013

19,000 Views & Eisai

I started this blog one month ago with nothing more in mind than to tell my story and my struggles and have family/friend support.  It blossomed almost immediately!!  As a result, I have many other Belviq patients, both who have been on for a bit or how are just 1 or 2 days in, posting messages and we are all able to support each other.  I also have had contact with a few Eisai pharmacy Sales reps who are inspired by my story.  Hopefully I can be an inspiration through them for many other doctors as they get the word out about this new RX.  One said they even talked about me during a team conference call.  I feel BLESSED beyond words.  They are all so wonderful so.....

GO Team Eisai!  (Sorry, I had to give a shout since they are always so kind).  So any of you doctors out there, please welcome these wonderful people with open arms and ask them what took them so long!!!!!!

I had the most delicious Salad today.  Mixed greens with some spinach (I don't like cooked spinach, but it was good in my salad in mild portions), yummy vinaigrette dressing, and  tomatoes it may sound plain to you, but with EVERYTHING so fresh, it was absolutely delicious!  Plus, I have a save a few calories because our office is having a happy hour tonight.  I am the HR Manager so I have to be there.  Suggestions on a low calorie adult beverage?  I only can have one with my diet to stay with my portion control and too keep focus on the prize.  So suggest away!!

Next Friday will be my 6 week weigh in.  I am excited and nervous as always.  So get ready for that.

Also, early next week, my story will be published in an article format.  I will give you details when I know when, etc.  I have already previewed it and I have to say, brought me sadness and happiness all at the same time.  I want ALL of my readers to read my story and get to know me and how I came to where I am today!!!  Stay tuned!!

Ok, well, happy hour is in a few hours, so I need suggestions ASAP.  Ready, Set, SUGGEST...............