Tuesday, June 25, 2013

YUMMY Chicken Tacos - Plus Virtual Dietitian!

So, my cousin Kris Cole had sent me an easy crockpot recipe for low fat chicken tacos.  I did not have the ingredients to start that before I left for work, so I thought, "I wonder if I can make the quick version on the stove?"  To the store I go!  I'm not good at this at all, looking at calories, fat, etc. and playing it all together in my head.  I know I need a few basic ingredients:  Chicken, CHEESE, tortillas, and the fillers like tomatoes, etc.

I find a package of 4oz each frozen chicken tenderloins made from chicken breast.  They are only 100 calories for each 4 oz breast.  I then got a package of taco seasoning.  I was shocked to see that it have very little calories!  EXCITED - about 25 per serving.  I got some taco blend cheese that was made with 2% milk.  1/4 cup was 80 calories.  I only needed half of that for my 1 taco.  I knew I needed a filler.  What should I get?  Ahh, corn!  I found these cool frozen corn in these trays - totally easy for portion control.  I then get a jar of restaurant style salsa (only 10 calories per serving) and some tomatoes.  Oh, wait!  Don't for get the tortillas (100 calories per tortilla).

I came home and put 4 pieces of Chicken in the pan.  I used a little "salsa" vs. oil to keep them moist.  Once cooked, I added one container of corn (80 calories) and the packet of taco seasoning with water.  This was perfect for 4 servings!!

I warmed up a tortilla, added diced tomatoes and the cheese.  This is ONE serving Taco.  The entire taco is less than 250 calories AND it was very much filling.  It takes even great without the tortilla.  So this was my dinner tonight!!  VERY YUMMY and I have enough for lunches for the next 2 days and dinner tomorrow night!!!!

This morning I ate some grapes for breakfast - It was intended for my mid morning snack but I forgot the stupid granola bar.  I had the last serving of my leafless salad for lunch and a 100 calorie snack mix this afternoon and a green apple.  Tonight, my taco and I will have a snack later.

Now on to something cool.

VIRTUAL DIETITIAN???  Well, I mean, we do everything else online, so why not have a dietitian online!  I  posted my blog in the Belviq support group page and a lady replied to my posting with a link.  It's called Kickstart60.  Basically, you get 60 days of nutritional support online for about $1 a day.  You get 60 days support to help you initialize the DASH Diet.  This includes:  60 days of email/text messaging, 60 days of DASH Diet Meal Plans for weight loss, 8 weeks of grocery lists, access to Kickstart60Chat Facebook Group facilitated by a professional dietitian.  THIS IS exactly what I was looking for!!!  AFFORDABLE!!  I am getting a free 3 day trial, but I for sure will be signing up (I may have to hit the pops up since the 1st of the month is RENT haha).

Anyway, Thanks Mindy!!   Go online to http://kickstarter60.com/store/ to subscribe!!

Hey, at least this blog had useful information right??  Not so boring today!  I will go in either Thursday or Friday to weigh.  I want to do my first weigh in at my doctors office where my wonderful friend Karen Mann works (Her husband is Dr. Michael Mann - my orthopedic surgeon - the BEST AROUND).  My primary dr. and my ortho dr. share the same office.  Anyway, since Karen  was the one responsible for me getting on Belviq, I want her to be there to see the results!  I can either kick her butt (if I don't lose anything) or hug her  neck (if I do).

Stay tuned...........