Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday post weigh in....

Weekends are usually my worst time for food.  I EAT all the time.  So, with #belviq , my weekends are not being consumed by food, so now what?  Well, I will get in an exercise routine and start doing the things I love.

Today, I ate my granola bar which satisfies me completely.  For lunch, I a salad with thinly sliced walnuts (45 calories per 1tbls.  They are really good, seasoned and if you have a Kroger, you may find them by the bagged lettuce.  Anyway, I had all kind of vegetables and about 1/8 a cup of cheese.  I was FULL.

I'm in Houston, it was 105 today so I wanted something cool.  I found these cool real fruit small Popsicle and it was perfect.

Tonight, as a reward to my hard work this week, while enjoying time at a friends house, I had a piece of large pizza.  Now, you have to understand, normally, I could finish at least 1/2 of the large pizza.  My thought was, have left over salad and pizza.  So, I ate the one piece of pizza and I could only eat 3 bites of salad.  That's it.  FULL.  It was really good.

I calculated my calories to be about 1000 calories.  The pizza was the majority!!

So, do I feel like I am missing out?  Absolutely not.  I am learning about doing proportions!

I must let everyone know, Belviq is not a magic pill.  Well, it is in the fact that it tells your brain your not hungry.  I 100% believe that the success will come with diet and exercise.  I have many asking about it, etc.  If you do not intend to change your eating habits, you will fail.  (notice I did not say Belviq will fail).  You can't take the pill and eat pizza 3 times a day even if the proportions are cut down dramatically.  When you come off Belviq, you probably will resort to your old ways.  That's why I believe you MUST train yourself by eating healthy!!

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