Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I am blessed!!

INCREDIBLE - I have had 1742 views of my page since I started this blog just 5 days ago.  THANK YOU!!!!  This actually motivates me even more because I have so many who are obviously following  my progress.  I WILL DO THIS!!!

I got my first email today about the FREE 3 day trial with kickstart60 - the virtual dietary professionals there to help "Kick start" my weight loss using the healthy DASH diet.  So far, I'm impressed with how I am made to feel like an individual vs a computer.  Mindy will be my registered dietician and I can't wait to see when she will have for me.  I hope she knows I'm a bit challenging ha!  Well, I'm PICKY, but I will make do with whatever we come up with.  They will provide COMPLETE shopping lists for easy meal planning - EXCITED about that alone!!!!  I mean, there are those who plan so well - like those who get PAID to shop by taking advantage of those coupons.  I admire them.  But, I look at papers all day at work, I do NOT want to see any when I get home!!  I must admit, I am a "go to the store and just grab stuff" kind of person.  Hmmm, might be why I am also overweight?  think? Nah.......I blame that on my addiction to SWEETS!!!!

Again, go check out this wonderful program:  They have other options such as individual phone dietary counseling.  You can also GIFT this program to ME!!!!!  Any takers????  sigh, ok, no begging!  I can do this right??? I WILL do this!!

Last night I had a great TEXT conversation with Karen Mann - she's the wife of Dr. Michael Mann.  We crack each other up.   She's so much fun, she encourages me all of the time.  We officially set the day for me to go weigh in for Friday!!!  I will "think" about being brave to video the FIRST weigh in.  But, when I do that, I will be exposing my weight, so that will take courage.  But I think by exposing it, it's confronting it head on.  Just like any other emotional baggage, if you hide it away, it's going to keep creeping  back in your life one way or another.  So, I think by exposing it will be acknowledging that I have an issue.  Kind of that AA approach.

Today was the same repeat of yesterday in my diet (LEFT OVERS ROCK).  Once I get going on Kickstarter60, I will post some pictures of my great recipes I make.  I may not share those direct recipes on my blog because I will want others to subscribe to that service and give them that respect.  But I will also make some of my own, that I will share. 

I chose a bad time to start this diet, tonight is BIG BROTHER premier.   Three nights a week where I have to keep my hand out of the chip bowl while watching drama, will be torture.  For those of you who love big brother and you don't have time to spend 3 nights a week, please visit my friend Jamie Merlo's blog: .  She blogs FULL TIME during big brother season.  She has access to the live feeds that she watches probably 20 hours a day lol.  (You are also invited to get the live feeds through her website).  I am a chat moderator in her blog chat room (yes, I am THAT hard core).  If you have a few pennies, donate (not required) because she does do this literally full time during the entire season!!!