Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 4 #Belviq - my meals today and I NEED EASY recipes!

Today started out a little rough.  I FORGOT to take my #Belviq before leaving for work.  So, I noticed for sure an increased appetite but praise GOD I managed just fine until I could get home to take my evening dose. 

Todays meals consisted of (Not exactly ideal I am sure, but back off, I am trying - this is new):

I know I said I don't like granola bars, and I don't but I had to eat something.  So, I had a 90 calorie granola bar.  Um, that thing was smaller than my finger!!!!

My "leafless" salad which basically comprised of tomatoes, celery, radishes, bell pepper, boiled egg (for protein), grated cheese (small portion for my cheese craving) and vinaigrette dressing.  I didn't feel full like I had been feeling, but that's because I forgot my morning dose.  I did snack on a snack wells 100 calorie pretzel mix this afternoon because I was starting to get grumpy!   My thought was, I need to get home and take that pill!!!

Dinner:  I just got home in time to make some chicken breast - plain no frills, and some fresh new potatoes dug out of the ground by my brother.  I boiled them - they were new potatoes.  Added just a little seasoning.  I had a little side salad.

Tonight I will snack on some fruit.  I bought green apples because I LOVE green apples and some green grapes.

So, was this exciting?  NO!  Was it the best meal plan?  Probably not BUT not there was nothing sweet and it wasn't loaded with carbs other than my potatoes.  So, I say, another successful day on Belviq!!

I still haven't had any side effects HOWEVER, I did notice two nights in a row I woke up with a headache.  The first night I took advil and it went away.  Last night it went away on it's own.  I'm hoping it's just my allergies or sinus and not a side effect.

If you have any recipes, please please please share them!!  I NEED EASY quick and YUMMY recipes!!