Thursday, June 27, 2013

Breaking a sweat - sort of......???

Last night I texted Karen to tell them they need to be on standby today because, get this, I was going to WORK OUT!!  I wanted to make sure that I had the doc on standby for the anticipated breaks, sprains, swelling!!   My friend Britton has a guest pass for her gym so I went with her today.  Now, this may surprise you, but I actually have a lifetime membership at 24 Hour Fitness - I pay $45 dollars per year.  BUT I HATE GOING ALONE!!!!  I'll get more into my work out later.

Today for lunch Britton brought this yummy chicken, pasta (whole wheat), broccoli cooked in a tomatos.  It was REALLY good.  I cut my portion size to what I would normally call "barely" which was about 2 cups total, maybe not even that much.  I chopped fresh vegetables for a salad and ate plenty of fresh raw veggies.  It was good!!

Tonight, I am going to figure out diner, probably a chicken breast and some vegetables.  I'm not that hungry so I have to tell myself EAT!

Ok, so, the gym.  Where do I start?  So, we get to the gym and I feel like the fat kid.  Wait, I AM the fat kid!  Britton was so great to get on the treadmill next to me to encourage me.  She usually does those step glider thingies.  I knew not to even TRY one of those.  That's like committing orthopedic suicide!  Anyway, she jogged while I walked.  I did a good 30 minutes at the speed of "2.5" whatever that was ha!!  It was a pretty good pace for a start.

As you can tell, I am not exactly Miss Peppy workout queen

 I started off at 1.5 and ended at the 2.5   My legs started bothering me.  Well, I mean, if you had to carry this weight, I guess you'd be bothered too!!! 
So, I said, "I'll sit on the stationary bike". 

I originally wasn't going to even do it in fear of my knees going on a permanent strike.  Well, the machine fascinated me so I decided to give it a go.  I broke the first machine!  NO JOKE haha!  I slid the seat too far back and we couldn't get it to move forward.  So, I jumped on the one next to me.  I was able to ride for about 10 minutes maybe at the most.  My knees were SCREAMING, so I decided to not push it. 

This is an absolutely HIDEOUS picture.  But, I am all about exposing the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Ok, so the ugly is now exposed, I'm ready to promote to the bad!!  But, I am working out!!!!!

This is why I am the photographer.  I do NOT like to be in front of the lens.  Thanks to Britton for capturing this ugly moment, per my request.  Who does that?  Hey, I am ugly, sweaty, and I am making noises I didn't know I could make, can you capture that for me for my blog?  I want to give my viewers the TOTAL experience!!!  (You should be thankful you cant scratch n' sniff the photo).

The good news, other then a little wind, nothing else broke!  I limped out a little and I am TOTALLY feeling it in my legs, but that's what a pain pill is for!  Yes, I will be taking 1/2 of one tonight.  I think we will be trying this again tomorrow.  I wonder if I can conveniently forget my workout clothes - if Britton will notice that it was intentional?

Tomorrow is the big day!!  I am going to weigh in for the FIRST TIME since I started taking Belviq one week ago!  I am NERVOUS.  I hope I lost at least 2 lbs!!  I would be happy with even just 1 pound!  I will be recording the weigh in tomorrow.  I will also officially tell you all tomorrow what my starting weight is!!  So, everyone, start taking bets.  1.  What was my starting weight (YOU WILL NOT OFFEND ME: 200, 300, 400, 500 LOL - just take a guess). and 2.  How much do you THINK I lost based of what you read on my blog this week.

Feel free to post it in a comment like 500/2 - 500 is the starting and 2 is what I lost.  I want to see how in tuned you are.  Just a little background information, I am 5'7. 

Ready, set, guess................................................

Tune in tomorrow!!!