Friday, June 28, 2013

Am I being paid to blog? Setting the record straight

I have been bothered all evening about a comment to my earlier post of my first weigh in video.  It pretty much said that someone on twitter was making suggestions that my blog is fake and I was being paid by the pharmaceutical company.  And it also suggested my first week was purely water weight.

Let me be clear.  I am not being paid by ANYONE to do my blog.  I never heard of Belvic until I went to the doctor for an unrelated reason a week and a half ago.  In fact, my doctor had never heard of it until the RX sales rep stopped by with a brochure just moments before I got there.  It was all timing.

In fact, I was skeptical just like many are and I appreciate that.  I didn't even get the RX filled for 3 days because I thought it was just another drug failure and I wasn't about to waste my money on the unknown.  It was when a precious friend posted a picture that was taken one day on facebook when I broke down in tears and I just realized, I MUST do something.  So, the next day, I got the RX filled since it was a free trial.  I was amazed by the immediate results.  So much so, I got excited about the possibilities for the first time in years.

I will say one thing, I did some research on Belviq over those few days and I realized it was a really new drug.  So, realizing that to continue this course, it is going to cost me roughly $300 a month for Belvic and online nutritionist.  I have heard of cases where people can get sponsors and paid to blog.  I would be completely open to that idea.  I need to figure out how I will be able to do this financially!  Its going to be really really hard, but I am committed to it.  So, if Belviq ever approached me to sponsor my blog, I will totally take it up.  I will also let everyone know.  Mostly because I will be excited! HA.

I am also looking at changing my blog site to go through a paid go-daddy site.  The reason for this is I can do a few things, most importantly, I can set up ads on the side bar to help generate a little monthly income based off of incoming views.  I can't stress enough that if my insurance would cover the RX, I would just keep the blog here and do as is.  But I have to figure out how to bridge this financial divide.   Also, I am sure you realize, but the cost of eating healthy is so much more expensive to the cost of eating poor.  I'm so used to my bad eating habits, that my budget is based off of that. 

I hope this clears this up once and for all.  I want to thank the person that brought this to my attention.  I do not EVER want to appear deceptive for any reason.  I want to thank him personally for believing in me.

I hope you all believe in me as well!!!  I am counting on each of my followers to encourage me.  Seeing my large audience every day encourages me.  So you don't even have to say anything, you just have to read my blog and I will know you were here!  Well, not know exactly who was here but know that SOMEONE was here ha!

Have a great evening!